Carbon Fiber Aerobatic Props

I’m Retired From Prop Making!

I offer 76 inch diameter aerobatic props in pitches of 61 and 65 inches.  Basically, a Pitts with a stock O-360 Lycoming can use the 7661.  Monoplanes and biplanes with pumped up engines use the higher pitch prop.

My acro props weigh about 17 pounds and are a direct replacement for your 33-35 pound Brand S aluminum prop.  There is probably nowhere else on your aircraft that you can drop 16-18 pounds by replacing one component.  Weight and balance with the lighter prop needs to be checked. IF you want the lightest possible prop at the expense of performance you should consider wood but my composite props offer equal or better performance to aluminum at almost half the weight.

Besides cutting way down on the gyroscopic forces felt by your expensive crankshaft, you will notice a difference with any gyroscopic maneuvers.  Hammerhead turns and even lifting your tailwheel on takeoff will require less rudder correction.  You will also notice faster throttle response.


Each prop is custom built to order-I rarely if ever have any inventory or used props.  Upon receipt of your deposit I put your prop on my production list for delivery. Call me for current pricing.  I accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, direct deposits, or money orders.  The balance is due upon delivery of the prop.  I try to accommodate your need for a prop in time for a contest or air show and haven’t let a customer down yet.  I also have a lot of racing customers that need props by June for Pylon Racing School or by September for Reno.

Price includes prop bolts, crush plate, prop covers, a static balancing kit and freight within the US via FedEx Express Saver shipping.  Delivery outside of the USA is at additional cost.

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