I worked in George Applebay’s sailplane shop during high school and college.  There I learned machining, welding, drafting, and composite fabrication.  I also met Jon Sharp who was our shop foreman.  I crewed for Jon at his first air race in Mexicali, Mexico in 1978 and I continue to crew for him today.  I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1981.

Formula One Racing Propellers

I have been building composite racing props since 1988.
The first ones had carbon fiber skins with a unidirectional fiberglass interior.  Jon Sharp flew my first prop at Reno on his Cassutt Aero Magic in 1988. In 1991, I switched to all carbon fiber construction for Jon Sharp’s Nemesis race plane using unidirectional tapes in place of fiberglass. In 1993 I standardized on a unidirectional carbon fiber roving interior and developed a semi-automatic filament winding process.  This process yields repeatable results with good out-of-the-mold static balance.

Aerobatic Propellers

I made my first all-composite aerobatic propeller in 1994 using a carbon fiber roving interior and the semi-automated winding process.


Join me on the Composite Propeller Journey

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