New Business Model

I am transitioning from composite propeller manufacturing to general aircraft work with an emphasis on sailplanes.  I have an ASG 29 and have been making replacement and custom parts for it for a few years.  Maybe other people need the things I make for my own glider.  See my Products section here.

I specialize in aircraft weight and balance using modern equipment, proven methods and provide an engineering report of the results for your mechanic to approve. I can weigh you empty or at maximum gross weight or anywhere in between.

I have installed several new instrument panels and many new instruments in sailplanes in the last few years including:  Discus a, Discus 2, LAK 17, HpH 304 CZ-17, DG 600, and ASG 29. New instrument installations include: LX9000s,  ClearNavs, Trig Radios, Dittel Avionic (Now TQ) Radios, Trig Transponders, Gear Warning Systems, and PowerFLARM.  I can document and replace or clean up your old electrical and pneumatic systems, upgrade your batteries, etc.  

I have the facilities for composite fabrication, mold making, traditional and CNC machining, and can weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Fidel Ramirez at One Air Composite and I can provide everything you need for a glider here at the Moriarty Municipal Airport.

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