Prop Removal Tips

I try to machine the mounting features of a prop so that the result is a fairly tight fit which can make the prop hard to remove.  To remove the prop start with a little careful tapping using a rubber mallet on the back of the most inboard sections of the blades you can reach while wiggling the prop blades forward and aft. The prop can then be eased off by using some plastic wedges designed for separating composite parts from their molds.  They shouldn't mar the prop, spinner bulkhead, crankshaft flange, or prop extension.

Once you have a little space between the prop and spinner bulkhead or crackshaft flange or prop extension, start three or four wedges spaced evenly around the mounting features being sure to aim between the drive lugs.  Work back and forth across the hub leaving all the wedges in place so the prop won't go back towards the crankshaft by teeter-tottering on the center pilot bearing.

This supplier has a good selection of suitable wedges.  There is room between the drive lugs for the 1 1/4 wide wedges on both the F1 and aerobatic props.  I would recommend the rigid type over the flexible.  You will need 2 or 3 in each location as the space between the porp and the flange becomes thicker than the wedge.

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