Carbon Fiber Racing Props

I’m Retired From Prop Making!

I offer propellers with several pitch/diameter combinations for International Formula One racing aircraft.   These props are designed to turn 4200-4300 RPM and should NOT be used for sport or ferry flights.  They are designed for racing at high rpm and can be permanently damaged if flown at lower RPM for too long.  The damage is NOT catastrophic but I have been unable to successfully repair it.


Diameter,   Pitch,
 inches      inches      Speed  Class      
  55            60          Bronze
  55            61          Low Silver
  54            63          Mid - High Silver
  54            65          High Silver - Low Gold
  54            66          Mid Gold
  54            67          Mid - High Gold
  54          68HP        High Gold (More Info)
  54            70          Really High Gold

Weight is about 8 pounds

Choosing which prop is right for you can be a difficult decision.
Some suggestions:
Compare the performance of your aircraft to others that are using my props.
Borrow one of my props from another race pilot and try it out.

Consideration should be given to your speed improvement plans.  You might be able to grow into a prop as you improve your engine and airframe.  When in doubt I usually recommend my 5465 as a first prop.  This is a popular prop with good resale potential.

If you are consistently turning 4200-4300 RPM at Reno and not losing much RPM in the turns then it might be time to consider more pitch.  During test flying at your home airport remember that you will need to “pitch down” when racing at Reno’s typically higher density altitudes.


Call me for current pricing.  I require a deposit to put you on my production list.  I accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, direct deposits, or money orders.  The balance is due upon delivery of the prop.

Price includes prop covers, a static balancing kit and freight via FedEx Express Saver shipping.  Delivery outside of the USA is at additional cost.

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