Schempp-Hirth Wingtip Handles

A One Composite customer from Arizona recently brought his glider to Moriarty for some work.  Upon arrival Fidel discovered that the plastic bar that serves as a wing tip handle as well as something to prevent the tip from moving around in the trailer had broken into two pieces sometime during the trip.  The fracture surface exhibited markings similar to fatigue failure.  The part was able to take the weight of the wing tip one last time during disassembly then failed from vibration on the road.  I made a solid aluminum replacement for the customer so he could trailer back to Arizona.  We inspected the same parts for Zulu’s glider and found what appeared to be concentric cracking along the entire length of both handles so these were also replaced with solid aluminum. I can make Ventus 2B and Discus 2B replacement handles.  Others available on request.

$175.00/pair plus shipping if your spring plungers are used

$200.00/pair plus shipping if new spring plungers are needed

***Ventus 2B handles must use customer supplied plungers.

                        I can’t find them anywhere***

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