I have transitioned from composite propeller manufacturing to general aircraft work with an emphasis on sailplanes.  I have an ASG 29 and have been making replacement and custom parts for it for a few years.  Maybe other people need the things I make for my own glider.  See my Products section here.

I specialize in aircraft weight and balance using modern equipment, proven methods and provide an engineering report of the results for your mechanic to approve. I can weigh you empty or at maximum gross weight or anywhere in between.

I have installed several completely new instrument panels and many new instruments in sailplanes in the last few years including:  Discus a, Discus 2, Discus b, LAK 17, HpH 304 CZ-17, DG 600, and ASG 29. New instrument installations include: LX9000s,  ClearNavs, Trig Radios, Dittel Avionic (Now TQ) Radios, Trig Transponders, Trig TN72 ADS-B, Gear Warning Systems, and PowerFLARM.

I can document your existing power distribution system and pneumatic system.

I can develop a complete Equipment List for your aircraft.

I can replace or clean up your old electrical and pneumatic systems, upgrade your batteries, etc.  

I have the facilities for composite fabrication, mold making, traditional and CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and can weld aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and plastic. 

I, Steve Hill at Twisted Composites, LLC and Fidel Ramirez at One Air Composite can provide everything you need for a glider right here at Moriarty Municiple Airport.

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