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I can make almost any part found in our gliders in my shop.  I have made a couple of Schempp-Hirth tail wheel axles, have tooling to ecomically replace the common piece that wears out on 2-place Grob sticks and have even made a complete replacement Zuni landing gear. I have been trying to develop certain specialties and products as shown below. Fidel Ramirez at One Air Composite (see contact info for Fidel below) and I, Steve Hill at Twisted Composites, can provide anything you need for a glider here at the Moriarty Municipal Airport.  Call me for pricing or with any questions you may have about these items or others you may need.

Glider Instrument Panels

ATO Fuse Blocks

Weight and Balance

Glider Wing Tip Wheels

Glider Gear Warning

ASG 29 Baggage Net

Glider Wing Stand U-Joints

Glider Tow Bars

Battery Hold Downs

Schleicher Water Filler Cap Wrench

Schempp-Hirth Wing Tip Handles/Trailer Fixtures

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 15.47.21

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