Sailplane Instrument Panels

Twisted Composites, LLC has installed several new instrument panels starting with my own DG600.  I CNCd a mold and laid up a fiberglass panel with 1 ply of carbon for the pretty part.  I replaced all the wiring and pneumatics.  People around the airport saw that project and began to hire me for their gliders.  I have done 6 Discuses (Disci?), Lak 17A, ASG 29, HpH 304 CZ-17 Carat A, and a Pawnee tow plane.  I can make high quality placards and provide equipment lists, electrical schematics, pneumatic schematics, electrical load matrices, and other documentation.  I have installed radios, transponders, ADS-B, flight computers, and other standard glider instruments.

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