Weight and Balance

I have been doing professional weight and balances on light powered aircraft and sailplanes for many years now.  I have high quality, calibrated equipment and safe methods for lifting the tail.  I provide a complete engineering report for you and your mechanic.  I can weigh every congfiguration from your empty glider to you in the cockpit with all your stuff fully ballasted and anything in between. I can determine moment arms for items and help you with what-ifs. See the February, March, and April 2018 Soaring magazines for my comprehensive guide to weight and balances.

$125.00 for glider single configuration with report.

$175.00 for power single configuration with report.

$25.00 for each additional configuration.

Weight and balance performed on:

AMS Carat A

Apis WR

Applebay Zuni

Bellanca 14-13, GCBC

Centrair Pegasus

Cessna C140, C172, C182

DG300, DG600, DG800, DG808, DG1000

Diamond HK36

Ercoupe F-1A

Fairchild M-62A-3 (PT-26)

Glasflugel Libelle, Standard Libelle, Mosquito

Grob G102 Standard Astir III, G103 Twin Astir, G103C Twin III Acro

HPH 304CZ-17

Jonkers JS1


LS3-a, -4A, -6B

Nemesis Air Racing NXT

Mooney M20


Piper PA-18

Schempp-Hirth Arcus, Discus a, b, 2B, Duo Discus, Nimbus 2, Ventus B, Ventus 3

Schleicher ASW 27, ASG 29. ASW-20

Schweizer 1-26

Stemme S10

Taylorcraft L2

Valentin Taifun 17E

Vans RV-6

Wittman Buttercup

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