Tow Bars

This is a conventional folding tow bar using aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware.  It can be easily separated into three main arms, two wheels, axle, frame spacer, and hardware which allows more storage options. The volume when folded is 46 inches x 17 inces by 15 inches. Remove the wheels and it becomes 46 x 15 x 11. When completely disassembled the two main frame arms are 46 x 11 x 5.  Two spring-loaded knobs make folding and unfolding easy.  In the towing position the bar is straight which makes it much stronger when braking while towing a heavy glider. Weight is between 15.5 and 17 pounds depending on wheels.  It can be provided with pneumatic or no-flat wheels.  Finish is powder coat.  Requires a conventional tail dolly with extended 6 inch long axle bolt.

$900.00 plus shipping


I am trying to develop a new style tow bar to eliminate the need to ever have to lift the tail of the glider.  This is a work in progress so check back again soon!

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