Wing Tip Wheels

When I got my DG 600 it had some crude plastic tip skids. When those wore down the aileron became vulnerable to damage.  I looked at all the available wing tip wheels and even bought some but they were not adequate.  I decided to make my own design and produced a set of molds using the Haas TM-3 CNC milling machine.  The features I incorporated are:

Molded Carbon Fiber Construction

My WTWs are made of molded laminated aerospace quality carbon fiber/epoxy.  They are very robust yet weigh less than 130 grams each.

Aerodynamic Design

I use a tapered symmetrical NACA airfoil with 1:3 thickness to chord ratio.

Robust but Replaceable Wheels

I use specially modified urethane skate wheels and bearings and a solid aluminum axle. 


Canted Design

The fairings are tilted 5 degrees to be close to vertical when the wing tip is on the ground.

Flexible Mounting

The fairings can be bonded on or fastened with hardware if the glider is so equipped.

$350.00 Plus shipping

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